Will I Have a Chin Liposuction Scar?

Will I Have A Chin Liposuction Scar

Is the prospect of a chin liposuction scar deterring you from undergoing chin lipo surgery? We hope not!

Chin liposuction surgery can achieve amazing results for those with excess fat beneath the chin. And while scarring is an inevitable result of any invasive surgery requiring incisions, the good news is that most chin lipo scars are quite small and hard to see — especially after complete healing has taken place.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what patients can expect in terms of scarring after double chin liposuction. We’ll also discuss more about chin liposuction recovery and what you can expect during the healing process.

Will I Have a Double Chin Liposuction Scar?

Yes, if you undergo double chin liposuction, you will have at least one chin lipo scar.

But here’s another important question to pose: “Does chin lipo leave scars that are very noticeable?”

And the answer to this question is: No, typically, double chin liposuction scars are quite hard to see once they’ve fully healed. This is true for almost all professional chin liposuction surgeries, but especially those performed by the best board certified plastic surgeons.

That’s because these surgeons will have the skill and expertise needed to locate your scars as inconspicuously as possible. Their incisions will only be as large as they need to be. And in most cases, this is very small — just a few millimeters long or long enough to accommodate a liposuction cannula, which is a thin metal instrument used to remove excess fat.

Finally, with expert surgical skill, your surgeon will close your incisions very carefully and provide you with detailed recovery instructions. All of these steps will ensure that your incision sites heal well and do not result in hyper-pigmented or raised scars.

Of course, taking care of your scars and ensuring you do not reopen your incisions or exacerbate your wounds during recovery is your responsibility.

How Big Is the Chin Liposuction Scar?

Every chin lipo scar will be a slightly different size, but nearly all of them are less than a centimeter long. The incision opening only needs to be large enough so that your surgeon can fit a cannula through for the fat extraction portion of surgery.

This is, in fact, true of all other liposuction procedures and liposuction scars. Neck liposuction is very similar to traditional liposuction used on other parts of the body like the stomach. Neck liposuction may require smaller cannulas and slightly varied techniques, but the overall surgical process is very similar.

How Many Chin Liposuction Scars Will I Have?

Some patients may only require one incision directly beneath the center of their chin. However, some patients will also need one incision behind each ear.

The behind-the-ear incisions are difficult to see once they’ve healed as they can be hidden in the crease and shadow behind the ears. Even the below-the-chin incision is hard to discern after healing because it is within the natural shadow of the chin and in a place where not many people look.

Do chin liposuction scars go away?

No, when any type of cosmetic surgery requires incisions, scars result, and they never fully go away. With that said, as the scar under chin liposuction heals, you will certainly notice it less and less.

Optimal scar healing will usually result in a flat and faded scar after around six months. The pigment may be slightly darker than the surrounding skin.

Then after one to two years, the pigment should fade and blend with the surrounding skin on your chin and neck area. By the time several years have passed, your scar should be barely noticeable.

What to Expect During Recovery From Chin Lipo

After submental liposuction, most patients will experience chin liposuction bruising, swelling, and soreness. Most patients will need to wear a compression garment of some kind — typically a medical chin strap or band.

Compression Garments

Your compression garment will help your skin adhere well around your new neck and chin contours, and it will help keep swelling at bay. Wearing your chin band is important, so always follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding this and other healing guidance.

Pain Medication

Pain medication can be prescribed for discomfort, though this is usually only bad for the first few days. Many patients go straight to over-the-counter pain relievers.

Restrictions and Other Guidelines

Be sure to refrain from physical exercise for several weeks, and do not drink alcohol or smoke. Patients typically take some time off from work or school to heal. This is a good idea so that you can ensure you get enough sleep and rest and that you do not strain or stress your incision sites.

If this happens, noticeable and uncomfortable scar tissue may form, and this can cause problems down the line. Patients who do not adhere to their surgeon’s post surgical instructions closely risk ruining their results and needing revision surgical procedures.

FAQ: Chin Liposuction Surgery

Can chin lipo go wrong?

Chin liposuction is regarded as an overall safe and typically complication-free procedure. Still, any surgery can technically go wrong and as with all invasive procedures, there are always risks to be aware of. For this reason, it is even more important to only undergo chin lipo surgery with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who you trust.

Does chin lipo leave saggy skin?

It’s important that candidates for chin lipo not have poor skin elasticity along their jaw and necklines. When this is the case, chin lipo can indeed leave excess saggy skin as only fat is removed during the procedure.

Ideally, however, skin laxity would be noticed at your consultation, and in that case, you may not be recommended for the chin liposuction procedure. Often, alternative solutions such as face and neck lift surgery would be presented.

How much is chin liposuction?

Chin liposuction cost varies from patient to patient. Dr. Mason would first need to examine your anatomy and understand your concerns and goals before providing you with an accurate estimate. For this reason, please book a consultation appointment to learn more about our fees and the final estimate for your chin and neck liposuction cost.

Book a Chin Liposuction Consultation Appointment

Celebrity Chin Liposuction ScarDo you have unwanted fat beneath your chin? Plastic surgery can help.

Just take a look at some of our chin liposuction before and after photos to see how difficult it is to actually see any sign of scarring once the healing process has taken place.

You’ll find the same in celebrity chin liposuction scar photos. Stars undergo plastic surgery with some of the best surgeons in the nation, and they rarely, if ever, have visible scars. So, you can rest assured that it’s totally possible to undergo this surgery without noticeable scars. You just need the right surgeon.

To book your consultation appointment with female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason, please call our office today. We’d love to help you achieve the beautiful chin and neck contours that you deserve!



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