What if I Get Pregnant After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

What if I Get Pregnant After Tummy Tuck Surgery

“Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck?” is a question we field quite often. And while most plastic surgeons typically recommend waiting to get a tummy tuck until after you’re done building your family, it is still certainly possible to get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery. And in most cases, it is also safe for you and your baby.

What Happens if You Get Pregnant After a Tummy Tuck?

If you look up pictures of pregnant bellies after tummy tuck surgery, you’ll see that these women look basically the same as any other women during pregnancy. This is because reducing excess skin on a woman’s belly via tummy tuck surgery does not reduce the size of her actual abdominal wall — and that’s what needs to stretch during pregnancy in order to accommodate her baby.

Furthermore, none of the patient’s reproductive anatomy is touched during tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty). It is only the excess sagging skin that is reduced and the muscles that are tightened. If you’ve had a tummy tuck and then get pregnant, your remaining skin will stretch again to accommodate your baby bump.

This means that the main concern when getting pregnant after tummy tuck surgery (and the reason why most plastic surgeons recommend waiting until you’re done having a family to undergo this procedure) is that your tummy tuck results may be permanently altered after your pregnancy.

What Tummy Tuck Results Look Like After Pregnancy

Again, the biggest concern regarding pregnancy after a tummy tuck procedure is how your results will change. Here are some changes you may see:

Separation of abdominal muscles

One of the major goals of tummy tuck surgery is to repair separated abdominal muscles. As the belly grows during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles will begin to separate down the middle. This separation is called diastasis recti, and it can result in having a “mom pooch” on the lower abdomen following childbirth.

Tummy Tuck surgery repairs these muscles for a flatter, sleeker abdomen. However, if you become pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal muscles can separate again, which can cause that pooch on the lower belly to return.

pregnant after tummy tuck pictures

Loose skin

Believe it or not, even if you’ve had loose skin excised (removed) during a prior tummy tuck surgery, if you become pregnant and your belly restretches after tummy tuck surgery, you can get loose skin a second time.

Excess fat

Pregnancy makes women gain weight. This is a natural byproduct of being pregnant, and it is completely healthy to gain weight all over your body during pregnancy. Even the postpartum period can cause some excess weight retention.

With that said, many moms would like to get rid of this body fat as soon as possible after surgery. Because excess fat tends to accumulate around the abdomen, tummy tuck surgery can incorporate liposuction to reduce fat in this area while also getting rid of any excess skin.

FAQ: Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck Surgery

How long do you have to wait after pregnancy to get a tummy tuck?

can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck

Many women are unhappy with the way their stomachs look after pregnancy and childbirth and want to get a tummy tuck. It is important, however, to wait at least six months to a year following childbirth before consulting a tummy tuck surgeon.

You may want to wait longer if you are breastfeeding, as it is difficult to breastfeed when recovering from a surgical procedure, and recovery from tummy tucks can be challenging.


As you consider surgery following pregnancy, don’t forget to consider a full mommy makeover. Pregnancy and childbirth can put huge strains on your body.

Naturally, these are the life changes that produce our little bundles of joy! But it’s also okay to recognize that the changes our bodies went through during previous pregnancies can be difficult — both mentally and physically. A mommy makeover can help restore your pre-baby body and restore your confidence.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is a plastic surgery, much like a traditional tummy tuck. The major difference is that the incision made low on the abdomen may be slightly smaller, and generally speaking, less excess skin is removed. In addition, less abdominal muscle adjustment is made (only the abs beneath the belly button will be tightened), and the belly button position is not altered.

Learn More by Booking a Consultation

Whether you are pregnant now after getting a prior tummy tuck or you are considering a tummy tuck surgery but are concerned about becoming pregnant thereafter, speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon is a wise move.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Rachel Mason can help guide you regarding tummy tuck surgery and pregnancy, assessing your current situation and goals to help you achieve your desired outcome. Please contact our office today to set up a one-on-one consultation appointment with Dr. Mason.


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