Is Chin Liposuction Bruising Normal?

Chin Liposuction Bruising

Chin liposuction bruising is a normal part of the recovery process, along with swelling, possible itching, temporary numbness, and slight discomfort.

While chin lipo is not as invasive as, say, tummy tuck surgery, it is still a serious procedure. We will make incisions around the chin and possibly behind the ears to remove excess fat from the chin and neck area with a cannula. This process can damage the blood vessels in these areas, and the blood that settles as a result will be the bruising you see.

Now, let’s take a closer look at bruising after chin liposuction and the other symptoms you may encounter as you heal from this procedure — but first: a brief explanation of the chin liposuction procedure.

What Is Chin Liposuction?

Also referred to as double chin surgery, submental liposuction, or just “chin lipo”, chin liposuction is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery that aims to slim, shape, and define the neck, chin, and jawline area using liposuction.

Excess fat accumulation in these areas may be caused by aging, weight gain, or other life changes. It is frequently the simple result of genetics.

In any case, it can be difficult for patients to “spot reduce” excess fat along the neck and jawline. So, often, no amount of dieting or exercise can improve the issue. Only double chin liposuction offers a reliable solution.

Common Chin Lipo Recovery Symptoms


Sometimes, swelling gets a bit worse in the initial days after surgery. But as time goes on, once you’re out from your chin liposuction after 1 week, this symptom should improve on its own. As your swelling reduces (aided by wearing your compression garment as directed by your surgeon), you should start to see your results.


You may have seen pictures of bruising under chin after liposuction, and it can look frightening to some patients. Bur really, bruising is totally normal and simply the result of damage to the blood vessels (capillaries) that sit just beneath the surface of the skin.

The liposuction process, by its very nature, will disturb and damage these blood vessels, which will cause beneath-the-skin bleeding. This bleeding is visible as bruising through your skin. Just as with swelling, you should notice improvements in chin liposuction bruising as your recovery progresses.

Itchiness and Changes in Sensation

In some cases, patients may experience sensations of itchiness, tightness, or even mild numbness. These symptoms should all be short-lived and improve with time.

You may feel them at varied times throughout the chin liposuction recovery time. In rare cases, numbness may be prolonged, but it nearly always resolves.


Some soreness and tenderness is normal after your chin liposuction experience. Usually, over-the-counter pain medications will suffice for pain management. After a few days, you should see a marked improvement.

FAQ: Liposuction Recovery Period

Where do you bruise after chin lipo?

If you take a look at bruising after neck chin liposuction pictures, you’ll see that most of the bruising is localized around the treatment area: around the chin, jawline, neck, and sometimes down the chest.

How long does bruising last after chin liposuction?

For most chin liposuction patients, bruising lasts for about a week at the most. If bruising and swelling do go beyond this point, what’s most important is that you see it fading and reducing day by day. Any increase in bruising and swelling after one week may be reason to contact your surgeon so that they can check on your chin lipo recovery process and ensure all is going well.

What happens if you don’t wear compression after chin lipo?

Chin liposuction recovery can take longer if you do not wear a compression garment. Likewise, you may notice that swelling and bruising lasts longer. In rare cases, it could lead to uneven chin lipo results.

How long does it take for skin to retract after chin liposuction?

Before the skin along your neck and jawline can fully retract to the new shape of your neckline, your body must reduce swelling. As the fluid buildup fades, as long as the patient has good skin elasticity, their skin should retract nicely. Patients who’ve undergone chin liposuction after 1 to 2 weeks usually see fairly good results by this time, and they should only improve with more time.

How much does chin liposuction cost?

Schedule a consultation appointment to get an accurate price quote for chin and neck liposuction. There are many variables that may affect a given plastic surgeon’s prices.

Is chin liposuction recovery painful?

For the most part, chin liposuction recovery is fairly pain-free. Most patients do experience some soreness and discomfort, especially over the initial few days of chin lipo recovery. But rarely is narcotic pain medication required. After your initial chin liposuction recovery period, any discomfort should fade, and you should see improvements day by day.

When will I see chin lipo results?

Final results from chin liposuction should be noticeable after several months. At first, you may not see any changes because your chin may be covered in bandages and a compression garment. Plus, swelling will obscure the changes liposuction has made.

Remember that after submental liposuction, you must be patient and give your body time to heal. Your chin liposuction results will come with time.

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Bruising After Chin LiposuctionInterested in chin liposuction surgery? Chin liposuction can offer dramatic, long-lasting results and a fairly short recovery. It’s the ideal solution for stubborn chin fat that’s been resistant to all your other efforts to spot reduce.

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