While day spa treatments are popular for relaxation and minor cosmetic improvements, such as facials and massages, they do not make significant changes to your appearance. If you want to really enhance your appearance without surgery, you should consider our med spa in Las Vegas. Our non-surgical procedures include dermal injectables, peels, PDO threads, lymphatic massage, and an innovative cellulite treatment called Aveli.

Since med spa services are non-surgical and non-invasive, side effects are minimal, and the recovery process is simple. Reach out today to discuss the cosmetic benefits and health advantages of med spa treatments with Dr. Rachel Mason.

What Makes Med Spa Treatments Different?

Our medical spa has several distinctions from Las Vegas day spas regarding types of treatments, technology, and product quality. Unlike in a day spa, a licensed medical physician must oversee a med spa, and our staff undergoes rigorous medical training for advanced treatments. The products used for med spa treatments are medical-grade quality, unlike everyday products used in day spas.

Additionally, the techniques and procedures for med spa treatments are more complex. This means that a med spa session will achieve more noteworthy cosmetic improvements, regardless of whether you want to reduce cellulite, skin imperfections, or signs of aging.

Standard Med Spa Treatments

Med spa treatments for Las Vegas women enhance the skin and improve contours using routine non-invasive procedures. For instance, Botox and dermal injectables are popular options that can rejuvenate your appearance with little risk or side effects. These treatments are excellent for restoring facial volume, and reducing fine lines or wrinkles on the face or other body areas. Dr. Mason might use Botox, RHA fillers, Galderma-branded treatments, or Juvederm products, depending on your unique circumstances and cosmetic goals.

Additional treatments for improving and rejuvenating the skin include microneedling, skin peels, and PDO threads. These treatments can minimize sun damage, aging spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin texture. Additionally, a procedure known as a lymphatic massage can help relieve swelling and issues with the lymphatic system.

Dr. Mason’s practice is also the first in Las Vegas to offer Aveli, which is a unique and innovative cellulite treatment. This procedure targets the skin on the thighs and buttocks, combatting cellulite and smoothing out problematic areas. Dr. Mason will use a powerful handheld device to produce substantial results without invasive surgical techniques.

Call Today to Learn More About the Advantages of Med spa Treatments in Las Vegas

Instead of undergoing treatments that use basic products and provide modest results, consider the benefits of Med spa treatments. Our practice offers solutions that could help improve your skin, facial, or body appearance, with minimal downtime or side effects.

Since you can customize your procedures to fit your unique cosmetic goals, discussing the ideal plan with Dr. Mason is important. To learn more about each non-surgical option, ask questions, and help yourself look as beautiful as you feel, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mason today.

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