Many women pursue breast surgery, which uses methods to restore breast volume, shape, size, and projection. A breast operation can help women look and feel how they have always wanted.

Breast enhancement can be personalized to fit your specific needs and goals, so there are several factors to consider and discuss with Dr. Mason before your plastic surgery treatment. Call today to schedule a consultation about breast surgery in Las Vegas.

Different Types of Breast Surgeries

There are a handful of different surgical options that Las Vegas women use to make noticeable changes to their breasts, including:

Breast Augmentation

The most common breast operation that women seek is breast augmentation. This procedure increases breast size and projection with implants or fat transfers, depending on your cosmetic goals. Patients who choose fat transfers and grafting are generally seeking results that look and feel more like natural breast tissue. On the other hand, breast implants could provide considerable enhancements that are longer lasting and more customizable.

Breast Lift

The best procedure for reducing moderate to severe breast sagging is a breast lift, which removes excess, stretched skin. The surgery also involves tightening and reshaping the natural breast tissue to lift the breasts and prevent more sagging in the future. A breast lift could include reshaping the areola and repositioning it on the breast mound to create more proportional and natural-looking results.

Breast Reduction

Common side effects of large breasts are chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain from excessive weight. Many women undergo a breast reduction to ease these concerns. In most cases, the surgery removes enough breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce breasts by one to two cup sizes, but this may vary depending on each woman’s physique and situation. Most breast reduction procedures also include areola reduction surgery to ensure that the breasts and nipple look as natural as possible.

What Breast Surgery is Right for You?

The correct breast procedure for you depends on your unique goals. Small, overly prominent, or saggy breasts all benefit from different strategies. In addition, your particular physical characteristics will determine the best procedure for you, such as your figure, the size and shape of your natural breasts, and the structure of your chest wall.

Many Las Vegas women combine breast surgeries to achieve the results they desire. For example, women often combine a lift surgery with a breast augmentation or reduction. Adding a lift to breast augmentation removes sagging skin and breast tissue to give more perky, youthful results. Meanwhile, lift surgery with a breast reduction helps reduce visible breast sagging to improve breast shape, size, and volume.

When considering your options for breast surgery – reach out to Dr. Mason. She can help you decide which procedure or combination of techniques would be right for you.

Contact Dr. Mason about Breast Surgery in Las Vegas

Breast surgery in Las Vegas includes powerful operations for rejuvenating, increasing, or reducing breast size for the long term. Surgery can considerably boost your confidence and self-image, resulting in benefits to your mental well-being. Get in touch for an in-depth breast surgery consultation with Dr. Mason. During this meeting, you will discuss the available procedures and pinpoint what works best for you.

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