Considering Chin Liposuction in Las Vegas? Excess fat beneath the chin is most often caused by genetics, weight gain, or aging. And while occasionally, having a healthy diet and doing exercise can improve this isolated area, more often than not, stubborn chin fat is resistant to even extreme lifestyle changes.

Fortunately, individuals who struggle with this issue can turn Perspectives Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas for this cosmetic procedure.

What Is Chin Liposuction?

Neck liposuction — also called submental liposuction or “chin lipo” — is a form cosmetic surgery designed to eliminate stubborn fat from the chin and neck area.

After numbing the area, your plastic surgeon will make several small and discreet incisions along the jaw, just large enough to insert a thin metal cannula. They will then strategically remove excess fat cells, shaping the neck and jawline for a slimmer, more refined contour.

Benefits of Chin and Neck Liposuction

Chin and neck liposuction offers a range of benefits, including improved jawline definition, an enhanced facial profile, and a more youthful look. It can effectively get rid of a “double chin” while maintaining a natural, harmonious appearance.

Unlike a full facelift or neck lift, chin lipo is a less invasive option. The recovery period is quick, there is minimal discomfort, and most patients have a low risk of complications. Finally, your results should be long-lasting, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle and body weight.

Candidate for Neck Liposuction

If you find yourself troubled by how much fat there is in your neck and jawline area, you could be a good candidate for submental liposuction. An ideal candidate should be in overall good health with no major medical conditions. Some patients may need to undergo additional medical tests to ensure they qualify for the procedure.

Patients must also possess good skin elasticity in order to undergo this procedure. Poor skin laxity may mean your skin is incapable of retracting to the newly contoured neckline post-liposuction, and this can hinder your results.

Chin Lipo Before and After Pictures

Chin Liposuction Las Vegas

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Neck Liposuction Procedure

Once the patient is comfortable with the proper anesthetics and sedation, a solution will be injected into the target area to bulk up the fat cells and constrict the blood vessels. This makes it easier and less damaging to remove unwanted fat cells.

Next, your surgeon will make several small incisions. One incision is typically made directly beneath the chin, and sometimes, an incision will be made behind each earlobe.

A thin metal tube called a cannula will then be inserted into the incisions to suction out unwanted fat. Plastic surgeons with experience performing chin lipo and neck lift procedures know exactly how to remove fat so that it sculpts the chin and jawline. Finally, all incisions will be carefully closed.

Neck liposuction Chin liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment done as a outpatient procedure that can help contour and redefine the jawline, providing a more youthful and sculpted appearance with minimal downtime.

Double Chin Liposuction Recovery

During the recovery period, neck liposuction bruising and swelling is to be expected. You may experience some pain and discomfort during this time, but most can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep, which will help you heal faster. Prioritize healthy meals, though remember you may be somewhat limited to soft and liquid foods for a few days. Follow all instructions provided by your surgeon. You’ll need to stay out of the sun, avoid strenuous activity, and sleep and bathe according to their guidelines.

Most patients will be required to wear a compression garment around their chin after surgery. This helps retain the new shape of your chin and neck and can also help with bruising, swelling, and fluid retention.

Submental Liposuction Risks

All plastic surgeries come with risks, but it’s rare to experience complications with submental liposuction. The key is to choose an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

With that said, it’s still important to be aware of the risks, which may include excess bleeding or bruising, infection, fluid accumulation, noticeable scarring, and uneven results.

Chin Liposuction Cost in Las Vegas

It’s difficult to provide an accurate quote for the cost of chin liposuction unless you meet directly with your surgeon. Factors like your particular surgeon’s fee, the geographic location of their practice, what anesthesiologist or surgical facility you use, and the scope of your surgery will all play a role in the cost.

We understand that cost is a major consideration when thinking about chin and neck lipo. The best place to get answers is directly with your surgeon, so be sure to schedule a consultation to get the most accurate pricing information.

Request a Neck Liposuction Consultation

You deserve to look and feel your best. Neck liposuction can reveal a slimmer, more refined neck and jawline, boosting your confidence for years to come. Female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason is skilled and experienced with neck liposuction as well as chin augmentation and neck lift surgery for skin tightening.

To learn more about submental liposuction techniques and other cosmetic surgeries to improve your appearance, call our office and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Mason today. We look forward to hearing from you!


At least some pain and discomfort is to be expected after any facial plastic surgery, including neck liposuction procedure. When it comes to pain from chin liposuction after 1 week, most patients feel fine. Only over-the-counter pain medication is typically required over the first few days.

Neck liposuction does require one or more small incisions, which will scar as they heal. But these are so small that they’re barely noticeable after six months to a year.

No, chin lipo is a form of facial liposuction and is not the same as a neck lift. Chin lipo addresses excess fatty tissue only and not loose skin.

Neck lift surgery primarily helps with loose neck skin and tightens the neck muscles.

If you are seeking chin and neck contouring in the Las Vegas area, female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason provides this and other popular cosmetic procedures at her practice.

If excess fat along your jaw and neck contour has bothered you persistently, double chin surgery with liposuction can certainly be a worthwhile option.

In rare cases, reconstructive surgery is required to correct the facial features after a botched chin lipo experience. This typically only occurs when a patient went with a non-board certified or inexperienced plastic surgeon.

If this happens, a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon can typically correct the problem.

For most healthy patients, neck liposuction results should be long-lasting. If desired, touch-up procedures can also be performed after several years.

Either way, it’s also important for patients to maintain a healthy stable weight as drastic fluctuations in weight may alter your results.

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