Chin Liposuction Before and After: What to Expect

Chin Liposuction Before And After What To Expect

Chin liposuction before and after photos show women and men with outstanding changes to their facial profiles. From the sides and the front, each patient achieves a more defined jawline with less bulk along the neckline. This can drastically change their entire look, boosting self-esteem and giving individuals the confidence they need to meet challenges head-on.

If you are considering chin liposuction, it’s important to take the proper procedure steps as you advance toward surgery. Although most chin lipo surgeries are fairly straightforward, having the proper knowledge and understanding of your procedure can improve your experience and even give you better results.

What to Expect Before and After Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction (also known as neck and jawline liposuction, double chin liposuction, or submental liposuction) is a highly effective treatment for excess fat beneath the chin. Here’s what you can expect before and after the procedure.

Before Chin Liposuction

You’ll need to set up a consultation appointment prior to booking your actual chin liposuction procedure. Consultation appointments are a way for you to get to know your plastic surgeon and speak with him or her about your most pressing concerns.

Be open and honest with your surgeon. Consider bringing in pictures of celebrities or others to help show them what your goal is. You’ll also want to have details about your medical history handy.

If you are cleared for surgery and ready to schedule, you can pick a surgery date and start preparing for your procedure. This may involve getting additional medical tests, but it usually has more to do with lifestyle changes and preparing for your recovery.

You may need to quit smoking if you are a smoker, and it’s best to avoid drinking prior to surgery as well. Your surgeon will give you specific guidelines as you approach your surgery date.

Prepare or buy some healthy and easy to eat meals and snacks for the initial period of your recovery. Create a comfortable recovery space at home. And lastly, consider getting a friend or family member to help you with errands and chores for at least a few days as you rest and recuperate.

After Chin Liposuction

Swelling, bruising, and minor soreness are all common side effects during chin liposuction recovery. Swelling will last the longest.

Rest and plenty of sleep is required as you heal. Still, most patients can return to work or school within the week following surgery.

Keep in mind that chin liposuction bruising can sometimes extend down the neck and onto the chest. This is simply because of gravity.

Most patients recover from chin liposuction within a few weeks. However it may take longer (six months or more) for all residual swelling to go down and for you to make a “full recovery”. At this point (once all swelling is gone), you should see your new “official” appearance with your new defined jawline.

Recovery times also depend on your age and skin elasticity. If a young woman with youthful skin undergoes this surgery, for example, she may very well recover more quickly than an older woman with slightly lax skin. Keep in mind that very lax skin can be a problem for this procedure.

FAQ: Chin and Neck Liposuction

Can chin liposuction remove excess skin?

When patients have excess loose skin along their jawline and neck (sometimes called having a “turkey neck”), chin liposuction will not help. In fact, chin and neck lipo can actually exacerbate excess neck skin.

This is because liposuction is only meant to remove excess fat. And if the fatty tissue is removed, the skin may appear even looser after surgery.

Instead, a patient with this issue may want to look into a neck lift, facelift, or other procedures. It is also possible to get a neck lift and chin liposuction at the same time in certain cases.

Is chin liposuction the same as buccal fat removal?

No, chin liposuction is simply liposuction on the chin and neck area to remove excess fatty tissue. Buccal fat removal is the removal of the fat pads under the cheekbones. The two procedures are quite different.

There is also face liposuction to remove excess fat on the lower face. However, this is not exactly the same as buccal fat removal either.

Is chin liposuction the same as chin augmentation?

No, chin augmentation typically means adding volume to the chin — sometimes as a way to balance out other facial features and create a more prominent and defined chin and jawline. Generally, chin augmentation means getting a chin implant.

Will I have chin liposuction scars?

Because chin lipo requires at least one small incision, you will have at least one chin liposuction scar. However, check out liposuction chin before and after photos to see how difficult it is to see these scars on most patients once they’ve healed.

Look specifically at celebrity chin liposuction before and after photos. These procedures are typically performed by the top surgeons in the field, and their patients will almost never show scarring at all. The incisions are small to begin with, and the resulting scars will fade over time.

Is chin liposuction painful?

Some soreness is common after chin lipo, but overall, the surgery requires minimal downtime. Moreover, during the surgery, local anesthesia is typically used, so patients will not feel any discomfort or pain while the surgery is happening.

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Celebrity Chin Liposuction Before And AfterThinking about getting the excess fat from beneath your chin removed? After neck liposuction chin lines and jawlines can appear far more attractive and defined in both men and women. In fact, it can be one of the most transformative plastic surgery procedures for the face.

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