Feel like you have curves, just in all the wrong places? We all wish we could take a little from “here” to put “there.” You may feel like your butt is flat, small, or deflated and just wish you had a better shape. You may just want to look great in jeans or your new bikini. The good news is, with a Brazilian butt lift in Las Vegas, that is a real option!

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lifts are the ultimate in butt enhancements. There are no implants or large incisions, and it is all your own tissue! Fat is taken from your body areas where you have excess like your tummy, love handles, and thighs and injected into your butt to give you fuller, rounder shaped buttocks and an all-around better body contour. This technique is called fat grafting.

After an in-depth consultation with Dr. Mason, you will walk out feeling confident about your cosmetic goals. She will prescribe a surgery plan designed with your health, physical, and mental well-being in mind. There are no one-size-fits-all plans at Perspectives Plastic Surgery Las Vegas.  Each plan is customized, so rest assured that what is designed for you is designed to deliver you your best results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Dr. Rachel Mason - Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon Las Vegas

A Brazilian butt lift is done all through small incisions of about a centimeter or less. Liposuction is done from the body areas where you have extra fat that you would like to have removed. The most common areas are the tummy, love handles, back rolls, and thighs.

Liposuction is also used in the butt, the lower back, and thighs to improve shape. The fat is then put into syringes and injected into the areas of your butt that need volume.

The Ideal Candidate for a BBL Procedure

Women looking for a fuller behind. You find that no matter how much you run, squat or, watch what you eat, your butt just never gets the full, round look you want. Some women always have smaller or flatter butts than they desire. Some of this is genetic, meaning surgery could be your best option.

The good news is that, for Las Vegas women, we can fix these problems with a BBL procedure. Say hello to your new butt. No plane ride to Brazil required!

A Brazilian butt lift alone is all that many women need. However, if you have a lot of extra sagging skin due to weight loss or aging, you may need a traditional butt lift before you can have a Brazilian butt lift. This surgery will remove the extra skin using larger incisions. Once the skin is where it needs to be, we can work on the shape by adding fat.


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The initial days post-Brazilian butt lift can be painful with swelling, bruising, and possible incision bleeding. Pain management involves prescribed medication or OTC acetaminophen. After one to two weeks, pain should decrease, and a compression garment may be necessary.

Avoid sitting or lying on your butt for at least two weeks, and after several weeks, sitting briefly with a special pillow is possible. Heavy lifting and strenuous activities should be avoided for a month.

Full recovery typically occurs in two to three months, but individual recovery times may vary. Always follow your healthcare provider’s guidance for pain management and recovery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Brazilian Butt Lift Las Vegas

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift cost can vary depending on several factors such as the geographic location of the surgery center, the experience of the surgeon, and the extent of the procedure. Prices may also include additional expenses like anesthesia, facility fees, and post-operative care. BBL cost in Las Vegas ranges from $8,500 to $13,000.

Call Dr. Mason About a Brazilian Butt Lift in Las Vegas

If you do not feel comfortable with the size or shape of your buttocks, it is key to remember that a Brazilian butt lift in Las Vegas could help you feel significantly more comfortable with your appearance and physique. When you come to perspectives plastic surgery, Dr. Mason takes the time to understand your goals and explain the best option for you. Reach out to our office today to schedule your consultation.



While it is important to have enough fat to transfer, outcomes are always best, and complications are lowest when you are healthy. Don’t starve yourself, though: you want to be at a weight that you can maintain! This is because weight changes will change the look of your result after surgery. And we know you want the best results! We want them for you too.

Ensure you are eating a balanced diet, get enough protein, and plenty of rest before your BBL procedure. This helps with healing. Do not smoke and avoid being around people who are smoking.

During the initial consultation, you will be asked about your medical history to ensure you are in good health and a candidate for the Brazilian butt lift surgery. You will then discuss a BBL specifically and what your goals are.

Dr. Mason will examine you and discuss the right surgery for your body. Do you want a lot more volume? Or just round out the flat areas for a better shape? Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all. Dr. Mason will customize a plan just for you.

Expect a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Both are normal. Remember, you’re doing something for yourself, and you should feel excited! You will have a scheduled arrival time on the day of surgery. The Surgery Center team will be expecting you and check you in upon arrival. Please do not eat the morning of surgery.

Dr. Mason will come to talk to you before surgery and mark your skin where the incisions will be, where liposuction will be done, and where the fat will be injected. These will be as discussed in your BBL treatment plan. You will be able to talk about this, ask questions, and agree on it together. She will make sure there have been no changes to the original plan you agreed to. You will also meet your anesthesiologist.

From there, you will go back to the operating room, and the anesthesiologist will put you to sleep. This is where you say goodbye to you’re your old butt and await your incredible results. The surgery can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on your customized surgery plan.

After the surgery is completed, you’ll be taken to the recovery area, and once you are released, you will be ready and able to go home the same day. While you are taking narcotics pain medication, you will not be able to drive, so you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up from the surgery center. This is a good time to switch your mindset to “let them look after me for a while,” as you will need your rest.

You will see results immediately. Keep in mind that your body will continue to improve as it heals for the next several months. You will have swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

The most important thing with a Brazilian butt lift is that you cannot sit on your buttocks at all for at least 2 weeks. You cannot sleep on your back and have to sleep on your sides or front. This is because sitting on your buttocks will lower the blood flow to the newly injected fat, which could cause it to fail.

After this point, you can begin “modified” sitting with a donut pillow. You can get back to regular sitting after about 8 weeks. This is the time for you to relax, heal, and take care of yourself.

Do celebrate your decision. Do enjoy your new butt. Do allow your confidence to skyrocket! Do take time to heal and take care of yourself properly. Don’t push yourself too hard.

You are still able to gain or lose weight after a Brazilian butt lift. The fat injected into your butt is your own real fat, so it will get larger with weight gain and smaller with weight loss. Since the fat has been moved, you will gain and lose weight in a different pattern than you are used to.

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