Your skin may lose its elasticity due to a range of factors, including age, genetics, or substantial weight loss. If you want to enhance your look without going through cosmetic surgery, Perspectives Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your goals. Dermal fillers in Spring Valley are a powerful way to make meaningful changes and rejuvenate your complexion. Dr. Rachel Mason can explain the different types of injectables and help you know what to expect from a med spa session.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-based injections that utilize hyaluronic acid as the main component to address aging or sagging skin. During your session, Dr. Mason will inject the dermal filler beneath your skin to remove wrinkles or make the area look fuller. There are different injectables for different facial features, which means that fillers are a versatile option. For instance, if your hands appear wrinkled or you want an even skin tone, then dermal fillers are a perfect option. Our team in Spring Valley will evaluate your case and determine the type of filler that best suits your unique needs.

Ideal Candidates for Dermal Fillers

If you are healthy, reside in Spring Valley, and need to improve your skin tone or correct indented scars and hollow temples, then you can get dermal fillers at your earliest convenience. Dr. Mason will assess your general health to ensure that you are fit and ready for this nonsurgical procedure. Having concrete cosmetic goals also makes the injectable process as smooth as possible.

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

Dermal fillers do not require extensive preparations and can be done on the same day as your consultation. Once you set your goals and identify the area that you want our team to augment, Dr. Mason will mark and cleanse your area of interest. She uses a small needle to inject the dermal filler into the designated region. Sometimes, she may use a cannula to inject the filler – this helps minimize bruising and swelling. The region is then gently massaged to ensure an even distribution of the dermal injectable.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures that may require a number of sessions in a year, the effects of dermal fillers last for at least six months. Depending on the filler used, you may even get to enjoy the results for up to one year or more before undergoing another session. Our Spring Valley team will discuss the various injectables available and help you make the right choice so that you can meet your unique goals.

Although you may experience some side effects from your dermal injectable, including bruising and swelling on the treated area, these symptoms are mild and usually subside within two weeks. Dr. Mason will help you manage your expectations until you achieve your desired look.

Discuss Dermal Fillers in Spring Valley with Dr. Mason

Dermal fillers in Spring Valley are a great option if you want to improve your facial features, make your lips fuller, or rejuvenate wrinkled/aging hands. These non-surgical treatments are fast, suitable for any age, and do not require a long recovery period.

You can contact us to schedule an appointment and have our board-certified surgeon examine your case. We offer treatment that is personalized to meet your unique needs, and Dr. Mason will recommend an appropriate dermal filler that can help you look as beautiful as you feel.

Our Testimonials

Having gone to four consultations (Face and Neck Lift) with other Plastic Surgeons, not feeling comfortable or “the right fit” with them and finally meeting you Dr. Mason. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you and your skills. On February 23, 2022, you changed my life. Because of your expertise, your passion, your precision, and your dedication to perfection, you gave me the greatest gift I have ever received – my Confidence back. I thoroughly appreciate all the time you took to answer my questions and ease my fears, and most of all making me look natural as I have requested.

You are a true professional who really cares about your patients, and I really could not be happier.


- Sandra S-G.

Dr Mason and the entire staff of Perspectives Plastic Surgery are amazing. Mackenzie at the front desk talked to me about payments and was super knowledgeable and friendly. Dr Mason and her support staff  took the time to talk to me about all my options and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My result are fabulous and I will definitely recommend Perspectives Plastic Surgery to all my friends

- Brooke B.

Dr. Mason is awesome. I trusted her recommendation and I am completely satisfied with the results. Can’t wait to see her again.

- Suzy T.

So happy to have the opportunity to be evaluated by Dr. Mason, a wonderful experience from the moment you walk in, you feel truly cared for and have your best interest in mind. Excited to see her again!

- Pamela M.

I absolutely loved my experence with Perspectives Plastic Surgery. I recommended them to anyone that needs work done. I will be back for other services they offer. Dr.Mason was the best surgeon I could of asked for!!

- Tiffany T.

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