The recognition of the importance of self-care has significantly risen in the last few years. Many women now pursue routine cosmetic treatments to refresh their appearance and maintain their mental health. While many women might choose to go to day spas for treatment, the products, techniques and tools used during a session are typically no more effective than at-home remedies. Instead of going to a traditional day spa, learn more about the impactful treatments and services offered by our med spa in Spring Valley.

Since the products and tools are medical-grade, med spa patients enjoy significant and longer-lasting cosmetic improvements than women who go to day spas. Dr. Mason could explain more about med-spa options during an initial meeting or consultation.

Different Types of Med-Spa Treatments

There are several different med-spa treatments that Spring Valley women might consider, depending on their complexion and their desired cosmetic results.


Dermal injectables like Botox and fillers reduce signs of aging, such as reduced skin laxity, volume loss, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face and neck. Fillers alter contours and refresh the face by restoring volume beneath the skin, while Botox minimizes facial movements that cause and worsen wrinkles.

Microneedling, Photofacials, Morpheus8 Skin tightening, and Laser Skin Resurfacing

Many individuals have uneven skin texture and tone due to acne scars, hyperpigmentation, declining skin elasticity, and sun damage. Lasers target these problems with different wavelengths of light and can decrease pigmentation, destroy veins, and stimulate collagen remodeling. Morpheus8 can tighten loose skin of the face and body and can also perform skin resurfacing which exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin. In addition, microneedling kickstarts the body’s collagen and elastin growth by creating micro-injuries with tiny needles.

Facials and Chemical Peels

Though facials and chemical peels are popular day-spa options, Dr. Mason offers medical grade procedures, which are more effective because they can target a wider range of cosmetic issues. For example, a medium to deep chemical peel can effectively treat tough wrinkles and scars.

Laser Hair Removal

Due to the advanced training required for proper application, laser hair removal is exclusively available at medical spas. The treatment uses focused laser energy to target hair follicles, which absorb the energy as heat, destroying their ability to produce new hair in the long term.

Each different med spa procedure has its benefits, and it can be challenging for women in Spring Valley to decide where to turn. During an initial consultation, Dr. Mason could assess a patient’s circumstances, discuss their goals, and help choose the right procedure.

Wy Choose Med Spa Treatments?

A med spa has several advantages compared to a traditional day spa, including the scope of services offered, the available technology, and the diversity of products used during treatment. For instance, Dr. Mason uses medical-grade products and thoroughly trained staff to ensure effective results.

Another reason for Spring Valley women to choose med spa procedures is that these treatments do not feature significant risks, side effects, or recovery periods. Med spa patients often need only a few treatment sessions to achieve their ideal results. Anyone interested in discussing these versatile treatments with Dr. Mason should call today.

Speak With Dr. Mason about Med Spa in Spring Valley

If you want to make meaningful enhancements to your complexion without surgery or similarly invasive procedures, you should remember that Med Spa in Spring Valley might be the perfect treatment option for you. Compared to a day spa, Dr. Mason’s options are more effective and more robust.

To speak with Dr. Rachel Mason and schedule your initial appointment, reach out to our office today. Our team can answer questions, address concerns, and help get started on refreshing your appearance.

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