Do I Need a Breast augmentation with Lift?

Breast augmentation with lift

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what will make our breasts look better. The usual complaint is that you have sagging breasts, but how to fix this depends on your breasts and your medical history.  Here are some things most plastic surgeons would like you to consider while searching for the proper procedure to rekindle your youthful shape and point you to your optimal outcome.

Who Needs a Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation increases the volume of the breast, usually with breast implants.  These can be either silicone breast implants, saline implants, or gummy bear style.  This can be done to make a small breast larger, or to fill in excess breast skin. It is very common for weight loss, pregnancy, or gravity and time to leave you with a sagging breast area.

The upper part of the breast tends to suffer the most and can feel too flat or even sloped. A breast augmentation procedure can fill out the extra skin, give enhanced breast shape, and restore volume to the upper breast. If your nipple and breast tissue are in a good position, just an augmentation surgery may be right for you.

Who Needs a Breast Lift?

You might be a potential candidate for this surgery if you are experiencing a considerable amount of breast sagging.  This often coincides with effects from pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight change, and the natural aging process.  A breast lift is a surgery that removes the extra skin from the breast and moves the nipple up to its proper position. The nipple should sit above the fold under your breast. So, if you put a pencil in the fold, your nipple should sit above it. If not, you may need a breast lift. Sometimes the nipple itself is at the right position, but the existing breast tissue sags beneath the fold. This is another reason for a breast lift. If you have good fullness to your breast, you may need a breast lift alone.

Who Needs Both a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation?

Women who feel that their breasts are both deflated and hang below the level of the fold (breast ptosis) may need both a breast lift with implants. The breast lift will take away the extra skin and put the nipple in the right place, but it will not make your breast appear fuller. In particular, it will not make the upper part of your breast fuller or rounder. This is where the breast implant comes in: It restores the youthful round shape and fullness, particularly to the upper part of the breast.

Can a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation be Performed at the Same Time?

In most women, a breast lift with implants (augmentation mastopexy) can be performed in the same breast enhancement surgery. The implant is placed first, and then the breast is lifted to the correct position over the implant. This is obviously preferred by most patients, when possible, to minimize the number of surgeries and recovery periods.

When are a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation Performed in Two Stages?

In some women who want a more significant change, the augmentation mastopexy can be done in two stages. This is generally for women who need help removing excess skin and have a very low nipple, or one who wants to significantly increase breast size with larger implants surgery. In either case, the results are not reliable when both procedures are done at the same time, so plastic surgeons recommend that they are done in two stages. The first stage is generally the lift, followed by the breast implant after completely healing from the first surgery.

breast lift with augmentationMore Questions and Answers

What is an augmentation mastopexy procedure?

A breast lift with implants, also known as a breast augmentation mastopexy procedure, is a breast surgery that elevates the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall. This operation not only enhances breast shape but also increases breast volume by incorporating implants.

Can a breast lift look as good as breast implants?

Opting for breast lift surgery without the addition of implants typically results in slightly reduced upper breast fullness.  However, the outcome often appears more natural in aesthetic.

What are the cons of a breast lift without breast implants?

Due to the necessary removal and repositioning of breast skin involved in this breast augmentation procedure, there is an elevated risk of scarring and potential loss of sensation. Moreover, for individuals seeking increased options in terms of shape, volume, and contouring, breast lifts do not provide as many alternatives.

How long does a breast lift with implants last?

You can reasonably expect the results of your augmentation mastopexy to last for around 10-15 years.  If you undergo this procedure at a younger age, there’s a possibility that your results may persist for 15 to 20 years. Nevertheless, certain factors can have a detrimental impact on the longevity of these results.

What factors contribute to wanting breast lift with augmentation?

The aging process of a woman’s breasts can be attributed to the cumulative impact of time, sun exposure, gravity, and the effects of pregnancy. Over time, the skin and soft tissues naturally become more lax. Furthermore, significant life events like substantial weight loss and childbirth often play a common role in the development of breast sagging.

Will I have nipple pain after a breast lift with augmentation?

Postoperative nipple pain following a breast augmentation with a lift is typical and varies from person to person. With appropriate pain management and healing, discomfort usually diminishes gradually. Your surgeon will prescribe medication and provide instructions to aid in your recovery journey.

What benefits can I expect following my breast lift with augmentation?

The comprehensive advantages of undergoing a breast lift with implants can offer overall enhancement to your chest and upper body. Breast implants play a significant role in addressing volume loss in the chest, enhancing both the size and shape of your breasts. This can result in a pleasing appearance and satisfying responsiveness.

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