Breast Augmentation Remains Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure in the United States

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the US. In 2018 alone, there were 313,700 breast augmentations performed. Breast augmentation procedures continue to grow in popularity by about 4% per year.

Also, according to the RealSelf website, 98% of women who had breast augmentation say it was worth it. That’s a strong recommendation!

Below is more information about breast augmentation and why so many women want this popular procedure.

More Breast Augmentation Options Than Ever

A big reason this procedure is getting more popular is that breast implant surgery is safer and more customizable than ever. As techniques and surgical tools improve, more options are available for you.

For example, you have more choices today about the type of implant, shape, placement, and location of incisions.

One of the most significant changes is a new type of highly cohesive gel implantsbecauseThis, commonly called ‘gummy bear’ implants. These implants are made to keep their shape better than silicone or saline implants, and they feel and look more like the real thing.

Because of their strength, gummy bear implants are not as likely to leak or rupture. Gummy bear implants also can be a good choice for breast reconstruction surgery.

Less Is More

Years ago, breast augmentation had a reputation for a big, bold chest, like Pamela Anderson or Victoria Beckham. Many women opted for these large implants, but they didn’t go with their bodies or couldn’t be appropriately implanted because of a lack of breast tissue.

This caused problems, such as unnatural-looking outcomes and stretched skin. It was too evident that the woman had had implants.

These days, more women are attracted to breast augmentation as a more natural look is in style. The aesthetic that many want is sophisticated; they want to look augmented and lifted but close to their actual breast size and matching their physique.

Some women had large breast implants in the past but now want breast reduction surgery. Other women opt for fat transfer breast augmentation that uses liposuction on different body parts. The fat is injected into the breasts for a slight increase in volume.

Good Health Is Vital

As women have breast augmentation or a breast lift, they want to improve their figure, but they still want to work out and stay active. It’s possible to keep in shape with large implants, but they do present challenges. Many women want smaller implants to ensure they can still play sports and exercise.

There also is more talk about possible health problems related to breast implants, including a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL. This rare cancer may be connected to textured breast implants, which are no longer on the market.

Under The Muscle Method

Another reason more women like breast augmentation today is the more natural results that are possible with the sub-pectoral placement of the implants. With this method, your surgeon creates a pocket under the chest muscle, which lets the implant be placed with more precision.

It also helps to ensure that the implant is hidden by the breast tissue and partly under the muscle. Covering the upper part of the implants with more tissue means less rippling, which is especially important for patients with little natural breast tissue.

Also, this method often produces less scarring, and there are lower chances of capsular contracture.

Better Outcomes

Breast augmentation also is surging in popularity because outcomes are improving. New technology, surgical tools, and techniques bring improvements that will enhance results, lessen recovery time and minimize scarring.

One of the most important recent innovations in this procedure was the introduction of the Keller Funnel. This tool looks like a piping bag a baker would use to put frosting on a cake. When it’s used to place a breast implant, the Keller Funnel can reduce damage to the body and implant.

This tool also reduces the chances of contamination during the surgery and lets the surgeon put in the implant with more precision. The Keller Funnel also leads to shorter incisions and faster healing times.

Another improvement to this procedure is the use of the fat transfer method. Fat transfer breast augmentation involves taking fat from one part of your body and putting it into the breasts. This is an excellent option for women who only want a minor increase in breast size. Also, fat transfer is all-natural, and complications are almost nonexistent.

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