Tips for Finding the Best Facelift Surgeon

Tips For Finding The Best Facelift Surgeon

Really, the best facelift surgeon in your area is easy to find if you start early and do your research. Up ahead, we guide you through our top tips for sifting through the plastic surgeons in your region and finding just the right one to meet your needs!

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon for Facelift Surgery

Use these tips to find the best facial plastic surgeons in your area.

1. Make sure your surgeon is board certified.

In fact, almost any doctor can technically say that they perform cosmetic surgery or aesthetic plastic surgery. But all of the best facelift surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

This means that they have undergone rigorous coursework and clinical experience to achieve adept knowledge and a wide range of skills. Both written and oral examinations conclude board-certification and ensure that surgeons have truly absorbed everything they were taught.

2. Research their education and training background.

In addition to board certification, you want to know that your surgeon has undergone the proper education and training to become a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeons should have an in-depth biography on their website, explaining where they went to school, where they were residents, and any other training or certifications they have.

If you have any questions about these topics, be sure to bring them up at your consultation appointment. All surgeons should be ready and willing to provide you with this information at your request.

3. Look at their facelift before and after gallery.

Facelift before and after pictures can tell you a lot about the skills and expertise of a surgeon. Not only will you get the opportunity to see how many facelifts a surgeon has performed (that is, you want to see more than just a few), but you’ll also get to see the scope of their work.

Do they perform deep plane facelift procedures? Laser surgery procedures? Other facial treatments such as laser skin resurfacing?

Furthermore, you’ll be able to really home in on the details of their patients’ past outcomes.

Overall, you want to look for good symmetry, a natural and youthful facial appearance, and the absence of any obvious facelift scars. It’s especially good when plastic surgeons have multiple photographic angles of every cosmetic surgery procedure they perform.

4. Read their patient reviews.

If the surgeon doesn’t have reviews posted right on their website, there are usually other options. For example, you can often look up third-party facial surgery websites, or websites listing America’s best plastic surgeons, to learn more about how past patients have perceived their experiences with the surgeon you are considering.

5. Book a consultation to meet with them in person.

Once you’ve got a shortlist of surgeons you are considering for your facelift procedure, it’s time to book consultation appointments. Be sure to do the following in anticipation of each appointment:

– Ready a list of your current medications and supplements.

– Prepare an account of your medical history.

– Wear comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing as you will likely undergo a short physical exam.

– Assemble photos to help convey your desired outcomes.

– Prepare a list of questions and concerns.

– Bring a pencil and paper (or use your phone) to take notes.

– Know where you are going, and arrive on time to your appointment.

Q&A: Facelift Surgery

Who is not a good candidate for a facelift?

If you are in ill-health or undergoing current medical treatments, you should not consider plastic surgery at this time. Others who may not make ideal candidates for this surgery include those with very poor skin elasticity or someone who would benefit more from a different, but similar, procedure, such as a neck surgery, or fillers.

The best candidates for a facelift are happy with their facial features overall but are concerned with facial aging and sagging skin. They want to get rid of wrinkles and excess skin in order to achieve a more youthful appearance.

How much is a facelift?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a one-price-fits-all answer to this question. Every facelift will cost a different amount, based on the scope of the surgery, the patient’s anatomy and skin elasticity, the surgeons fee, anesthesia, and even the geographic location of the surgery.

Of course, your ultimate facelift cost also depends on whether you want to include frequent add-on procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery, or chin liposuction.

What is facelift recovery like?

After your facelift, it’s common to experience the following symptoms:

– Swelling

– Bruising

– Redness

– Limited discomfort and soreness

– Possible light bleeding or discharge

– Fatigue

Who is the best facelift surgeon near me?

As long as your location settings are set to detect your current location, searching on Google for the “best facelift surgeon near me” will give you the top facelift surgeons in your geographic area. Otherwise, you can just add your area (for example, best facelift surgeons in Beverly Hills).

If you are looking for a Las Vegas facelift surgeon, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason is well-trained and experienced at performing facelifts and neck lifts both for patients in the Las Vegas area and from other parts of the country.

Book a Facelift Consultation With Dr. Rachel Mason

Best Plastic Surgeon For FaceliftUltimately, facial rejuvenation can be achieved in many ways. For some patients, it might mean a facelift, but for others, there are neck lifts, brow lifts, and even injectable products that may help you achieve your goals.

All of these options are good to consider as you research facial plastic surgery and consider various plastic surgeons in your area. In the end, the best way to know what procedure is right for you (and what surgeon is right for you!) is to schedule a one-on-one consultation appointment.

To schedule your consultation appointment with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason, please give our office a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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