As you age or experience changes in weight, it is normal to lose the natural curves on your lower body and for fat to accumulate in other unwanted areas. The loss of balance and shape can present a cosmetic concern that makes it difficult to wear clothing comfortably. Subcutaneous buttock augmentation (SSBA), more commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift, is a cosmetic procedure that uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas of your body and transfer it to your buttocks to add fullness.

A Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve or restore a desirable, voluminous, curvy backside. Board-certified and experienced surgeons are best equipped to carry out this popular body sculpting procedure. You can get a Brazilian butt lift in Spring Valley from our qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rachel Mason.

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is known for its natural-looking results. It creates a roundness in your backside, which other forms of augmentation, such as silicone implants, have been unable to achieve.

It can also help address issues of sagging and loss of shape resulting from age. In addition, a Brazilian butt lift in Spring Valley poses a lower risk of infection than silicone buttock implants.

Ideal Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Spring Valley

Patients in Spring Valley seeking to accentuate their curves through cosmetic means are the most common candidates for a Brazilian butt lift. However, we also recommend that:

  • You are in good physical health
  • You have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes
  • You have surplus fat available in other parts of your body that can be transferred to your butt
  • You understand the risks involved

Dr. Mason will advise you on alternative ways to achieve your goals should she determine that you do not qualify for a Brazilian butt lift.

Initial Consultations Before a Brazilian Butt Lift

During your first visit at our office in Spring Valley, Dr. Mason may assess your motivations for getting a butt lift. We do this to ensure that you have realistic expectations and know the risks that come with undergoing the procedure. Dr. Mason will further examine regions of your body where the fat may potentially be harvested, such as:

Dr. Mason will also review your medical history to ensure that no preexisting health conditions might lead to adverse effects. You should disclose relevant medical conditions, such as allergies, and any prescribed medication you take regularly.

What Happens During the Actual Procedure?

Despite what the name might suggest, a Brazilian butt lift is unlike a conventional lift procedure—such as a breast or facelift—that involves the removal of excess skin. This procedure adds volume to improve the shape of your buttocks.

During a Brazilian butt lift in Spring Valley, Dr. Mason uses a thin tube connected to a vacuum to remove extra fat cells from surplus areas such as your thighs, hips, lower back, and abdomen. She then purifies the fat to make it suitable for transfer. Next, she loads the fat into a syringe and strategically injects it into your buttocks to enhance their shape and size.

What Is the Recovery Time?

You will require immediate care after the surgery, as the pain and swelling will take a few weeks to recede. You are advised to sleep on your side or lie on your stomach during the first two weeks following your Brazilian butt lift in Spring Valley, as sitting can cause loss of the fat that has been injected.

Dr. Mason may prescribe medication to control the pain. Recovery time varies among individuals because bodies differ, but generally, it may take up to six months to recover fully.

Will You Need Follow-Up Appointments?

You will have to visit Dr. Mason for a check-up one or two weeks after undergoing your Brazilian butt lift procedure in Spring Valley. She will remove the stitches and check the incisions.

Additional appointments will enable Dr. Mason to assess your progress and evaluate how your body is healing. That way, she can determine whether you have recovered sufficiently to start sitting. Dr. Mason will factor in your progress when determining the required number of appointments and follow-up consultations.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Permanent?

The effects of the procedure should last for many years without additional intervention. However, you should maintain a consistent weight for longer-lasting results, as weight fluctuations and other body changes resulting from age may reduce the effects of the Brazilian butt lift over time.

Call Perspectives Plastic Surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Spring Valley

A Brazilian butt lift can produce satisfactory outcomes with minimal risk when performed by a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Rachel Mason. However, this procedure is not for everyone; a qualified surgeon is best suited to advise on what treatment or surgery could help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

At Perspectives Plastic Surgery, we would love to discuss your candidacy for a Brazilian butt lift in Spring Valley. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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