Is There a Mommy Makeover Age Limit?

Is There a Mommy Makeover Age Limit

While there are some things that might disqualify a person from being a good candidate for mommy makeover surgery, there is really no such thing as a mommy makeover age limit.

Typically, women interested in this procedure are those who have recently finished having children. This might put them in their thirties or forties, but we’ve had mommy makeover patients in their twenties, fifties, and beyond as well. Again, there is no age limit for the customized treatment plan known as a mommy makeover surgery.

Also remember that patients of mommy makeovers don’t have to be moms, nor do they even have to be women. The term “mommy makeover” is really just a marketing term used to denote a series of plastic surgery procedures combined into one surgical session.

Often, the perfect candidates for such a surgery are those (women or men) who’ve gone through significant weight loss or who have simply noticed some physical areas they’d like to improve with surgery.

Now, let’s go over some actual qualifications for mommy makeover surgery.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Mommy Makeover Surgery?

You take good care of your physical health.

While the average age for a mommy makeover can be anywhere between one’s 20s or 40s, you do need to be in good physical health before you will be cleared to have surgery. We like to see that you take good care of your health and lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating right, and avoiding drugs and excess alcohol.

You are free of any serious medical conditions.

Is There An Age Limit For Mommy MakeoverAt your consultation appointment, your qualified plastic surgeon will go over your medical history with you. If you have serious medical conditions that could put you at risk during or after surgery, you may be disqualified from undergoing cosmetic surgery at this time.

You’re at or near your goal weight.

Naturally, a woman’s body will change drastically after having children, and this means her weight, fat distribution, muscle tone, and more. However, before undergoing a serious medical procedure, it’s best to be within a healthy weight range. Otherwise, you may have a higher chance of surgical complications.

You’re done having children.

We recommend you be finished with having children simply because becoming pregnant again may compromise your results — not because it would put you or your baby at risk in the event you did become pregnant after mommy makeover surgery.

You have realistic expectations for surgery.

Finally, make sure you have realistic expectations when it comes to your results. With planning and preparation as well as finding the best mommy makeover surgeon, you can achieve amazing outcomes with this procedure. Still, it’s best to understand the pros and cons and to be prepared for any setbacks you may encounter.

What’s Included in a Mommy Makeover?

There are many procedures patients can add to their mommy makeover treatment. Typically, mommy makeover procedures include the following:

Breast Surgery

This may be a breast augmentation (breast implants) to enlarge the breasts or make them more even. Or, it might be a breast lift to correct sagging breasts. Some patients opt for a combination of both.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck corrects excess skin on the stomach. This is a typical challenge for mothers as pregnancy causes the abdominal skin to stretch out significantly, and it often does not bounce back after birth.

Pregnancy also separates the abdominal muscles so that you often have a lower abdominal “pooch” after pregnancy. This can be hard to fix with diet and exercise alone. However, a tummy tuck can include a tightening of the abdominal muscles, which will correct this pooch.

Best Age For Mommy MakeoverLiposuction

There is hardly a mommy makeover procedure that does not include liposuction. This simple procedure removes excess fat from almost anywhere. Most patients want to have liposuction on their abdomens and flanks, but it can also be used on the chin and neck, upper arms, inner thighs, and elsewhere.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift or BBL uses liposuction around the midsection and then relocates that removed fat to the buttocks and hips. If you include a BBL in your procedure, you can truly achieve some of the best possible mommy makeover results.


Lastly, labiaplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that corrects enlarged or elongated inner labia (inner vaginal lips). These labia may be enlarged due to genetics or aging, but often pregnancy and childbirth cause them to stretch.

This can cause daily discomfort and self-consciousness. Labiaplasty shortens the inner labia so that they are more flush with the outer vaginal lips (labia majora).

FAQ: Mommy Makeovers

When is the best time to get a mommy makeover?

This depends on you, your lifestyle, and your overall health. We recommend that patients of mommy makeover be in good health with no major medical concerns and that you be done having children. This puts most patients between the ages of 30 and 45, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be in your 20s or beyond 45 when you undergo surgery.

Do any plastic surgeons enforce mommy makeover age restriction for surgery?

Typically, no. There are no age limits for a mommy makeover per se. Rather, your surgeon is going to look at things like your overall health and whether you have any serious health conditions, what medications you’re taking, your anatomy, your body weight or body mass index (BMI), your desired goals, how realistic your expectations are, etc.

How much time off work after a mommy makeover?

Consider arranging coverage for your workload during mommy makeover recovery. Typically, plan for 2 weeks off post-mommy makeover, but flexibility is key. Unpaid leave might be necessary for a few days in certain instances.

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When a woman’s pre pregnancy body was healthy, strong, and attractive, this is a good indicator that they can easily return to that state! Perhaps with a bit of help from plastic surgery.

Get your pre pregnancy body back after having children. If you are interested in learning more about which cosmetic treatments can help with sagging skin, stubborn pockets of fat, drooping breasts, and other common issues resulting from pregnancy and breastfeeding, please give our office a call.

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