Brow Lift Cost Factors

Brow Lift Cost Factors

Brow lift cost factors include things like where you plan to undergo surgery, who you choose to be your surgeon (and how much experience and expertise they have), the scope of your brow lift procedure, and your recommended aftercare.

Ultimately, brow lift surgery cost must be estimated directly by your plastic surgeon. Usually, this can be done at a consultation appointment, so meeting in person with your surgeon is a must.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The average brow lift cost in Las Vegas may be between $6,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on your circumstances. In large part, it will depend on where you choose to undergo surgery and who your surgeon is.

Of course, the cost of your surgery also depends on the scope of your procedure. Do you plan to undergo eyelid surgery to remove excess skin from the upper lids as well? Are you looking to rejuvenate your face with other combination procedures?

Sometimes, changing the upper third of your face with a brow lift may alter the way the rest of your facial features look as well. And for this reason, you may consider undergoing chin liposuction or getting dermal injectables to create a more balanced look.

Surgeon, Anesthesia, and Facility Fees

Brow lift procedures must be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has specific experience performing this procedure. This is the best way to ensure your safety during the procedure, a pleasant and healthy healing process, and great results.

Plastic surgeons charge their own surgeon’s fees to perform cosmetic surgery. These will likely vary depending on the procedure. If a surgeon is particular gifted and experienced performing brow lifts, for example, they may be more in-demand, and thus, they may charge more to perform a brow lift procedure.

Likewise, where the surgeon you’ve chosen is located geographically can impact cost as well. If they are located in a large, metropolitan area, you may notice that they charge more for their procedures. Rural areas come with less expensive costs of living, and this means brow lift costs will be lower as well.

Some surgeons choose to include anesthesia fees in their own costs for a surgical brow lift or forehead lift, but often these will be separate. This is something you can ask about at your consultation. Different types of anesthesia cost different amounts. Additionally, the length of your surgery will impact the cost of anesthesia.

Finally, depending on the procedure, the facility where you undergo surgery will also charge for their care and service. Hospitals and other surgical locations must pay for their staff to assist you and for essential elements of your surgery, including high-end technologies, supplies, operating and recovery rooms, and more.

After your surgery, some patients may need to purchase special garments, medications, or other required tools to aid in your brow lift recovery. There is also the added cost of missing work for some patients and other out of pocket expenses such as meal plan services, child care, etc. Sometimes, follow up visits with your surgeon will also be considered separately from the cost of your surgical procedure.

How Can I Pay for My Brow Lift?

Some patients choose to pay for plastic surgery out-of-pocket and in-full, but this isn’t an option for everyone. Fortunately, useful financing options exist such as CareCredit.

Patients can use a CareCredit line of credit to pay for their brow lift and then make low-interest installment payments over time to cover the full cost. Most plastic surgeons also accept major credit cards.

FAQ: Brow Lift Surgery Cost

Will health insurance pay for a brow lift?

No, brow lift surgeries (both the surgical and non surgical brow lift) are largely considered cosmetic only. Typically, health insurance companies will only consider covering a reconstructive surgery if it is “medically necessary”.

How much does an endoscopic brow lift cost?

There are different types of brow lift surgery, but these days, the majority of brow lifts are endoscopic. However, the cost of surgery will still differ from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient, so please schedule a consultation appointment to learn about your estimated cost for surgery.

How much does a Botox brow lift cost?

A “Botox brow lift” is a type of non surgical brow lift. These procedures are less expensive than surgical brow lift surgeries like the lateral brow lift or direct brow lift.

A Botox brow lift simply means using the injectable Botox to relax the facial muscles causing lines and wrinkles on and above the brow. This procedure will require an in person consultation to calculate costs.

Is a brow lift worth the money?

For most patients who have sagging brows and drooping upper eyelids or lines on their forehead and between their brows, a brow lift is definitely worth the surgical costs. Of course, qualifying candidates must be in good health and have the funds or a defined budget in order to undergo this surgery.

Call to Book Your Consultation

Endoscopic Brow Lift CostGive yourself a more youthful appearance with a stunning brow lift. If you would like to learn more about the procedure itself, the cost of a brow lift, or other aspects of surgery, you can call to book your consultation appointment today.

Brow lifts are one of the few plastic surgery options that don’t have a lot of photos online. This is largely because patients want to remain anonymous. Body surgeries can omit patients’ faces, but facial rejuvenation surgeries like the brow lift must show facial features, which some patients don’t want.

For this reason, we are happy to show you brow lift before and after photos in-person at your consultation appointment, while discussing your candidacy for surgery and your surgical options. Please call today to schedule your consultation with female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason.


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