Plastic Surgery Risks

Plastic Surgery Risks

Every cosmetic surgery, especially those that require anesthesia, can go wrong.  Even ‘minor’ cosmetic surgery can result in severe complications that include scarring, injury, and, occasionally, death.

In some ways, cosmetic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, can be more complex than other surgeries if the patient has a low tolerance for such procedures.

Dr. Mason, a Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon ,performs her plastic surgery procedures either at a surgical center or a surgical room in her office.  Her facility is prepared for any potential risks or possible complications that could arise during her cosmetic surgeries.

Plastic Surgery Risks

Below are essential considerations to think about before you have plastic surgery such as the popular mommy makeover. Please keep in mind that severe complications are rare, but they can occur even with minimally invasive procedures and it’s necessary to know all the facts before proceeding.

Poor Outcome

This is the most significant risk of cosmetic procedures. It’s possible that the result doesn’t give you the ‘new look’ or outcome you expected. Occasionally, plastic surgery can make things worse.

For instance, think about if you’ve ever seen someone with a facelift that didn’t go as expected. Most of us have. The damage could be permanent, or you could need follow-up surgical procedures.

Numbness Or Nerve Damage

In some procedures, such as breast reduction, nerves can be damaged or severed. Sometimes, this problem only results in numbness that fades with time. But if a facial nerve is affected in a facelift, you could find smiling more difficult, or part of the face might droop.


Scarring is usually minor with most cosmetic procedures, but nothing is certain. You could have more scarring with your facelift than expected. Some scarring also can be expected with breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

But you can lower the chances of scarring if you don’t smoke, eat a healthy diet, and follow your surgeon’s instructions after the procedure.


Infection is a risk of any cosmetic surgery. Please make sure you care for your incisions well, according to your surgeon’s instructions.

Blood Loss

You can lose blood during or after any surgery, but excessive bleeding can crash your blood pressure and lead to death.


Tissue can die after surgery from complications. Most of the time, tissue death is minor or doesn’t happen. Also, wound healing usually eliminates dead tissue from the incisions.

Risks of Plastic SurgeryOrgan Damage

Liposuction almost always goes well, and recovery takes only a few weeks.

However, the surgeon can puncture the muscle layer in the abdomen during liposuction and pierce an organ. Repairing this problem will require more surgery. Rarely, the perforation can cause death.


This is a collection of blood that forms outside the blood vessel. Hematomas can form after surgeries, such as a browlift. Usually, this problem makes the areas temporarily bruised and swollen, and it fades with time.

But a large hematoma can cause severe pain and even restrict blood flow in the body part. If this happens, your surgeon may recommend taking out some of the blood with a syringe.


Bleeding can happen from any surgery. Mostly, it’s a minor issue, but if it continues, serious consequences can arise.

If you have post-surgery bleeding, you may be doing too much too soon, So, remember to take it slow and easy, as your surgeon instructed.


This complication happens when serum forms under the skin surface, leading to pain and swelling. This can happen after any surgery, but it’s more common after a tummy tuck.

Seromas can get infected, and surgeons usually drain them with a needle.


Even ‘minor’ plastic surgery carries a risk of death. The chances increase if general anesthesia is involved.

The risk might be less than 1%, but you should know the possibilities.

Blood Clots

Blood clots can happen with any plastic surgery. The most common is called deep vein thrombosis, which is a clot that forms in the leg. A DVT can lead to a pulmonary embolism or even stroke, so most require immediate medical attention.

If you notice continuous, intense pain in one of your legs after plastic surgery, call your surgeon immediately.

Anesthesia Problems

Most patients handle anesthesia without incident, but anesthesia-related complications are the most common cause of death after plastic surgery. The risk is tiny, but it exists.

For example, a teenager died in 2015 during a simple wisdom tooth removal. Anesthesia led to a fatal heart arrhythmia. The risk was microscopic, yet, it happened.

How To Lower Your Risk

The good news is twofold: Serious problems seldom happen, otherwise, most people would never have plastic surgery. And, you can often reduce your risk of anything bad happening.

The most effective way to lower your risk is to carefully choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced, highly skilled in the procedure you want and has an outstanding reputation.

Also, making lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, are critical before having a procedure. Non-smokers tend to bleed less, heal quicker, and experience less scarring. That’s why some plastic surgeons will refuse to take you as a patient if you don’t stop smoking.

Last, please remember to eat a healthy diet before and after your plastic surgery. This can speed your recovery and improve wound healing and closing, which reduce scarring.

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