Brow Lifts Are More Popular Than Ever

Brow lifts, also called forehead lifts, are becoming more popular, especially for women. Whether it’s because of celebrity, social media, or other influences, brow lifts are among the most common cosmetic procedures in the US.

A brow lift tightens loose skin in your brow and forehead areas and can give you a younger, more alert appearance. In turn, this can enhance self-esteem and quality of life.

If you’re interested in a brow lift, below are reasons to consider this proven plastic surgery procedure.

New Focus On Eyebrows

If you spend any time on social media, you might have seen the term ‘brows on fleek’ here and there. This trend usually emphasizes the structure of the eyebrows, but wrinkles and sagging skin can create a sunken-in and tired appearance.

With an emphasis on eyebrows in the media, the popularity of the brow lift seems to pair with the aesthetic trend toward a strong brow line and well-defined facial features.

Forehead Reveals Signs Of Aging Early

A brow lift is separate from a facelift because it mainly affects the forehead, not the whole face. For many people, the forehead shows the initial signs of aging because it’s involved in most facial expressions.

As the muscles contract to form those facial expressions, permanent wrinkles and lines will show on your forehead. When wrinkles on the forehead concern you, but you don’t want a facelift, a brow lift could be exactly what is needed.

Makes A More Approachable Appearance

Your brow is vital to your facial expressions and appearance, so lines and wrinkles may make you look sad, angry, and unapproachable. But in reality, you’re happy and energized!

Having a brow lift can make you look more alert, brighter, and comfortable as it tightens or removes loose skin around the browline and eyes.

But remember that a brow lift differs from eyelid surgery. The browlift deals with your eyes indirectly by tightening and lifting the surrounding skin. But eyelid surgery repairs the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Provides A Long-Term Solution

Botox and dermal fillers can help a sagging brow, but these are temporary measures that must be repeated every few months. For some people, non-invasive procedures such as Botox provide acceptable results. But for those wanting a long-term solution, a brow lift can give the results you crave.

Now that you understand more about the advantages of a brow lift, here’s information about the procedure and recovery:

Brow Lift Procedure Options

There are three general types of brow lift to consider; your surgeon will talk to you about your best option:

Coronal Brow Lift

A coronal brow lift is done under general anesthesia. It involves an incision that begins over the ear and follows your hairline up to your forehead to the other ear.

Your surgeon will carefully lift the forehead skin so she can adjust the tissues, fat, and facial muscles if needed. After cutting away extra skin, your surgeon will close your incision and apply bandages and dressing.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a less invasive procedure that also is performed under general anesthesia. After your surgeon makes several incisions in the hairline, she uses special instruments to release and elevate your brow tissue.

This procedure allows for a faster recovery and more minor swelling and bruising than the coronal lift.

Temporal Lift

A temporal lift is another minimally invasive procedure, but it can be done with local anesthesia. This is a smaller-scale endoscopic lift that can provide excellent results with little downtime.

Brow Lift Recovery

After the brow lift, your surgeon will give you care instructions when you go home to prevent bleeding, infection, and as little discomfort as possible.

Some of the things that can speed your recovery include:

  • Take prescription pain or over-the-counter pain medication
  • Use cold compresses on your forehead to reduce swelling
  • Elevate your head while you sleep
  • Avoid vigorous physical activity in the first few weeks of your recovery

Are You A Good Candidate?

Below are some common reasons that people have a brow lift:

  • The outside of the brow sags, making you look sad.
  • The middle of the brow hangs down and makes you look angry.
  • You have frown lines between your eyes that won’t go away.
  • You’re a woman and cannot apply makeup to your upper eyelid because it’s covered by drooping skin.
  • If you lift the skin over the eyebrow into a better position, it eliminates most of the extra skin on the upper eyelid.

Request A Brow Lift Consultation Today

Interested in a Las Vegas brow lift? Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Rachel Mason today! She will review the brow lift procedure with you and determine if you’re an ideal candidate.


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