6 Qualities of the Best Breast Explant Surgeons

6 Qualities of the Best Breast Explant Surgeons

If you’re planning on having your breast implants removed and are looking for a breast implant removal surgeon, it is in your best interest to choose one from among the best breast implant removal surgeons in your area. But simply searching for the “top breast explant surgeons near me” isn’t quite enough.

Instead, it’s critical that you do your research beforehand and know what it is you should be looking for. Therefore, we invite you to review this article on the most important qualities that all of the top breast implant removal surgeons have in common.

What Do the Best Breast Implant Removal Surgeons Have in Common?

1. They’re board certified.

First, selecting a board certified plastic surgeon ensures you receive care from someone who has completed rigorous training and passed comprehensive exams. You’ll want to make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Certified plastic surgeons must adhere to the highest standards of patient safety and ethical practices. Board certification also requires continuous education, keeping them updated on the latest techniques and advancements.

2. They routinely remove breast implants.

Breast Implant Removal SurgeonsWhether it’s due to scar tissue and capsular contracture, breast implant illness, implant rupture, implant leaks, breast cancer, breast reconstruction, or the desire for a more natural breast shape, implant removal surgery is quite common. Still, you’ll want to make sure your plastic surgeon routinely performs this procedure — as not all do.

Check with their website to make sure that the surgery is listed as an outpatient procedure for them. Additionally, look at their patient reviews to make sure that the breast explant procedure is listed among surgeries for past patients. Finally, meet with them in person and ask them how often they perform this procedure.

3. They have privileges at a local hospital or surgery center.

All plastic surgeons that are certified with the board should be affiliated with a local hospital and/or surgical center where they can perform breast reconstructive surgery and other plastic surgery procedures. Check with your surgeon to see where he or see has privileges.

4. You like their before and after pictures.

Take a look at the breast implant removal surgery before and after photos of the surgeon you are considering. Naturally, you should like the breast appearance of those who have undergone this surgery in the past.

Note the camera angles, patient positioning, lighting, and photo quality of these images. You should feel confident that your surgeon can recreate a positive outcome with your procedure. If the lighting is dim, the patients are positioned at inconsistent angles, or the general look of the photos is questionable, take note of this. You need to know that your surgeon can produce excellent results.

5. You feel comfortable with them.

You should always meet with a potential plastic surgeon for a consultation appointment before committing to surgery with them. This will not only give you a chance to discuss your options for surgery and talk about your goals, but it will also allow you to get a “feel” for your surgeon.

Ultimately, you want to feel like you’re in good hands as you move forward. This can look different for everyone. But in general, you should feel comfortable and confident before you decide to schedule your operation.

6. They answer your questions thoroughly.

Patients have questions about all sorts of things at their consultation appointments. You may want to know if you qualify for surgery in the first place. Or, you may want to know whether you’ll have loose skin after explant surgery and require a breast lift. You might have questions about the surgery process itself or the expected breast implant removal recovery experience.

Whatever questions you have, your plastic surgeon should be happy to answer them. Any surgeon who avoids answering questions or who interrupts you or leaves before you can state your concerns may not have the optimal bedside manner. There are no “dumb” questions when it comes to plastic surgery.

FAQ: Implant Removal Surgery

Does insurance cover breast implant removal surgery?

Breast Implant Removal And Lift Cost Near MeSometimes, health insurance will cover your breast implant removal cost, but this isn’t always the case. In most situations, you’ll need to prove that your removal surgery would be “medically necessary” according to your health insurance company’s plan details.

Why might someone need breast explant surgery?

Reasons vary, but for most breast implant removal patients, the issue is related to a desire for a different breast shape or breast implant size, breast tissue inflammation or tightness often related to capsular contracture (in which case the patient would have the implants and scar tissue removed), general breast implant discomfort or related symptoms (possibly related to breast implant illness), or other medical or aesthetic concerns.

Where can I find the best surgeons for implant removal near me?

While searching for surgeons who perform implant removal in Google is a start, you’ll want to go further than this. Start by choosing from only board certified plastic surgeons.

Make sure each one has experience performing implant removal surgery. Then, take a look at their breast implant removal before and after photos. From there, schedule consultation appointments. At your appointments, be sure to ask questions and “get a feel” for each surgeon. Choose the one you feel most comfortable and confident with.

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