A popular cosmetic treatment among women is breast surgery, which includes a broad range of procedures to alter the size and shape of the breast. Many women who pursue an aesthetic breast operation notice boosted confidence, better body image, improved mood, and enhanced quality of life due to their new look.

In some instances, breast surgery could combine multiple techniques to promote the most natural-looking results. The best way to get started on breast surgery and look as beautiful as you feel is to reach out to our office. During your consultation, Dr. Mason could explain the aesthetic benefits of breast surgery in Spring Valley and address any concerns you may have.

Different Aesthetic Breast Surgery Options

When deciding on the best operation for their circumstances, Spring Valley women can choose between a few different treatments that alter breast shape, volume, size, projection, and other features.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular chest surgeries pursued by women is a breast augmentation. This procedure increases breast size and volume with silicone implants, saline implants, or the transfer of body fat. Any of these approaches offer considerable enhancements, but implants are typically the most resistant to the effects of aging. On the other hand, fat transfers produce results that feel and look more like natural breast tissue.

Breast Lift

Another highly requested breast surgery is a breast lift, which minimizes unwanted sagging that affects the breast’s shape and size. Women usually choose this method after weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. The surgery involves tightening and repositioning the breast tissue after removing excess, stretched skin to raise and refresh the breasts. Since the surgery tightens the natural breast tissue, it often decreases a woman’s bra size by one cup.

Breast Reduction

The weight of more prominent breasts can lead to chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain and limitations to a woman’s wardrobe options or physical abilities. To correct this, breast reduction surgery removes enough extra fat, tissue, and skin for a decrease of at least one to two bra cup sizes. This treatment can also reduce the size of the areola and reposition the nipple.

Deciding between the available options might seem overwhelming, but Dr. Mason can help Spring Valley women choose the right breast procedure for their unique circumstances.

When Can Women Seek a Breast Operation?

Female patients in Spring Valley should meet a few physical and psychological qualifications to be an ideal candidate for breast surgery. First, prospective patients should have fully developed breasts to undergo surgery, unless they have very large breasts interfering with activities and causing emotional harm. Since weight fluctuations are the main source of breast size and shape changes, patients must also be close to their desired weight and maintain it before and after surgery.

Another consideration for women wanting to have breast surgery is whether their body is finished going through periods of significant change, such as considerable weight loss. In addition, it is important to take into consideration whether or not you plan to become pregnant, due to the physical changes that come with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Becoming pregnant after breast surgery could impact the position and shape of breasts after surgery. However, if pregnancy is not in the immediate future, it may be beneficial to pursue breast surgery before children to allow you the enjoy your body for the years before childbearing. During your consultation, Dr. Mason can help determine whether you are an ideal candidate.

Schedule a Consultation for Breast Surgery in Spring Valley

Breast surgery in Spring Valley includes many popular options, such as augmentation, lift, and reduction procedures. Individual health factors and surgical goals often influence the proper techniques and time frame for breast surgery, but professional guidance could help you decide on the best operation for your needs.

When you come in for a consultation, our team will assess your medical history, cosmetic goals, and natural breasts. Reach out to Dr. Mason to get started on this new chapter of your life.

Our Testimonials

Dr Mason and the entire staff of Perspectives Plastic Surgery are amazing. Mackenzie at the front desk talked to me about payments and was super knowledgeable and friendly. Dr Mason and her support staff  took the time to talk to me about all my options and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My result are fabulous and I will definitely recommend Perspectives Plastic Surgery to all my friends

- Brooke B.

Dr. Mason is awesome. I trusted her recommendation and I am completely satisfied with the results. Can’t wait to see her again.

- Suzy T.

So happy to have the opportunity to be evaluated by Dr. Mason, a wonderful experience from the moment you walk in, you feel truly cared for and have your best interest in mind. Excited to see her again!

- Pamela M.

I absolutely loved my experence with Perspectives Plastic Surgery. I recommended them to anyone that needs work done. I will be back for other services they offer. Dr.Mason was the best surgeon I could of asked for!!

- Tiffany T.

I honestly can’t say enough about Dr. Rachel and her staff. I have contemplated a breast augmentation for 23 years. Before I was referred to Dr. Rachel, I went to 3 different consultations. Dr. Rachel was the first doctor who listened to what I wanted instead of trying to suggest more. She took her time with me, answered all of my questions, and made me feel welcome and comfortable. By the end of my first visit with Dr. Rachel, I was ready to schedule my surgery. The surgery center, the anesthesiologist, and the nurses were all amazing. Dr. Rachel went above and beyond and even personally called me to check in on me. My entire experience was perfect!!! I 100% recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rachel.

- Kristy A.

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