Whether you wish to enhance your appearance, rewind the clock, or ramp up your confidence, Perspectives Plastic Surgery is your destination for the perfect makeover. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason leads an exceptional team in providing plastic surgery in Summerlin. Dr. Mason believes every woman deserves to look her best and she will use her years of experience to fulfill your dreams of a slimmer and more attractively-contoured body.

Am I the Right Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Not everyone may be right for a cosmetic makeover. You may be the ideal candidate for plastic surgery in Summerlin if you are:

  • In sound mental and physical health
  • Free of any chronic illness
  • At a generally healthy and stable BMI
  • Free of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or blood clotting

Your transformative journey to being happier and healthier will begin by booking an initial consultation with our clinic. During this meeting, Dr. Mason will get to know you, your unique plastic surgery needs, and your goals for your body. We will devise a personalized surgical treatment plan with the best and most appropriate procedures to help you achieve your dream look. During this consultation, we will also brief you on the pre-and post-operative instructions specific to your chosen procedure, which you should follow to ensure the best possible result.

My Plastic Surgery Procedure: What Can I Expect?

In the majority of plastic surgery procedures, we will provide general anesthesia so you are asleep and comfortable while we work. Most of the plastic surgery procedures offered in Summerlin will take a few hours. However, you will need to take the full day off. In most cases, you may not be cleared for work or any strenuous activity immediately following your surgery.

Ensure that you have adequate rest when you get home. Depending on the type of procedure you choose, and how many you have at once, the downtime can vary from days to weeks. Each procedure will have a different set of post-operative instructions, recovery, and downtime needs, and Dr. Mason will ensure that you are aware of all aftercare instructions before you set up your surgery date.

We ask that you avoid strenuous activity immediately following your procedure—especially intense cardio exercise. In some cases, your results will be apparent almost immediately, from the moment you leave surgery. However, with more complex procedures, the full results will become visible over time. Our team will be with you every step of the way, monitoring your recovery and encouraging you to come in periodically for follow-up appointments as needed.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Does Dr. Mason Offer?

We offer many options for plastic surgery in Summerlin. Cosmetic breast surgery is a popular choice for women, and you can learn the benefits of getting a breast reduction, breast augmentation, or a breast lift. You can even combine these procedures for further eye-popping results.

But we can do much more with body contouring! You can combine liposuction and a tummy tuck to do away with the extra fat and loose skin on your belly that won’t go away, and a Brazilian butt lift can use your own body fat to reshape the buttocks to your satisfaction. If you are looking to rejuvenate your face with plastic surgery, learn more about how you can benefit from a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid lift.

We also offer a Med Spa with dermal injectables like Botox, and cutting-edge procedure like Morpheus8 Microneedling and Cutera Xeo laser treatment.

Learn More About Getting Plastic Surgery in Summerlin

Perspectives Plastic Surgery is proud to provide exceptional, individualized care for every one of our patients. Cosmetic makeovers do not just need to be one-and-done. Many of our clientele come back for further enhancements!

Contact us today to book your initial consultation for plastic surgery in Summerlin. Dr. Rachel Mason is your partner in this journey and will help you discover the numerous ways to reshape your body and your life.

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