As we age, our faces start to feature more wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes. While it is possible to slightly reduce the appearance of these issues with over-the-counter products, many women are now using facial plastic surgery in spring Valley to make significant changes and enhancements to their appearance. There are a few plastic surgery procedures that offer powerful results, such as facelifts, neck lifts, or eye lifts.

Along with physical enhancements, cosmetic surgery operations for the face can also bring some important psychological benefits. If you would like to learn more about these options and whether you are a good candidate for a procedure, reach out to plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Mason today. She can assess your complexion and answer any questions you may have.

Facial Plastic Surgery Explained

Dr. Rachel Mason and her team in Spring Valley offer various facial surgery options that can enhance specific features and help restore a woman’s confidence:

Facelift and Neck Lift

Two of the most popular facial procedures include facelifts and neck lifts. These surgeries restore youthfulness and contours on the mid-face, lower face, jawline, and neck by eliminating loose skin and unnecessary fat. During a face or neck lift operation, Dr. Mason will tighten and reposition underlying skin tissues and the outer layers of skin to ensure definition and a smooth complexion.

Brow and Forehead Lift

Since a facelift does not address areas above the eyes, many women also choose a brow lift to address drooping eyebrows and wrinkles in the region. For this facial surgery, Dr. Mason will remove excess skin, then shift and tighten the area to eliminate stubborn signs of aging.

Eyelid Surgery

Some individuals develop severe signs of aging around the eyes and eyebrows, such as sagging skin, drooping eyebrows, and stretched eyelids. Eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat from the region and repositions the underlying muscles to correct concerns and rejuvenate the eye’s appearance. An eyelid operation could also reduce the appearance of dark undereye circles and puffiness beneath the eyes.

If women in Spring Valley need help choosing the right operation or combination of facial plastic surgery, they should discuss their goals and expectations with Dr. Mason.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Surgery?

For many women, the most important benefit of having a facial procedure is the cosmetic enhancements, such as altering a disproportionate facial feature or restoring skin firmness. For instance, a facial procedure could improve the proportions of a woman’s facial features while enhancing symmetry. Another common motivation for facial cosmetic surgery is refreshing the entire facial appearance by restoring skin tightness and redefining facial contours.

There are also many psychological reasons to pursue a facial plastic surgery procedure. After treatment, most Spring Valley women reported improved self-image, confidence, mood, and general levels of happiness. These mental and emotional improvements can often lead to better relationships and an overall higher quality of life. Therefore, anyone interested in a facial plastic surgery procedure should consult Dr. Mason as soon as possible.

Get in Touch for an Assessment about Facial Plastic Surgery in Spring Valley

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has steadily risen within the last few years as more women consider the long-lasting benefits. For example, facial plastic surgery can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Rather than being unhappy with your appearance and suffering from reduced self-esteem, consider the many advantages of facial plastic surgery in Spring Valley. Call our office today to schedule your consultation.

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