The Popularity of the Brow Lift in Zoom Culture

With millions of Americans working at home during the pandemic, much has been written about plunging demand for products and services that involve consumers going out, such as restaurants, clothing retailers, and makeup.

But that’s not true for plastic surgery. Extra time at home has caused a boom in cosmetic procedures. Part of the cause, some experts say, is what they call the Zoom Boom. As many remote workers met with their teams on Zoom, they noticed things on the videoconference that they didn’t like about their faces.

Many have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery during the pandemic to rejuvenate their faces and other parts of their bodies, from double chins to wrinkles, eye bags, and sagging brows.

One of the most popular procedures in Zoom culture during COVID-19 is the brow lift as well as the facelift. Below is more information about this procedure that can transform your look and make you look years younger.

Brow Lift Overview

A brow lift or forehead lift is a plastic surgery that tightens and lifts the skin on your forehead. This procedure reduces the sagging skin covering the brow bone and reduces wrinkles and lines that develop on the forehead and brow. As of 2012, the brow lift was the sixth most popular facial cosmetic procedure in the US.

During the Zoom Boom, the brow lift has surged in popularity as many Americans have noticed on video cameras that their brows are sagging. This can make them look older and even obstruct vision in the worst cases.

Below are some important considerations when you’re thinking about a brow lift.

Insurance May Cover The Cost

Health insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of plastic surgery. However, a brow lift may be covered by insurance if you can prove that it’s medically necessary.

Some patients have skin sagging over the eyes to the extent that it blocks vision. Ensure you check with your insurance provider and be ready to provide documentation from your doctor that the procedure is to correct a medical problem.

Classic Brow Lift Is Most Common

Once you are under anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision that starts at your ear and goes across the crown of your forehead to your other ear. Some surgeons may make the incision at your hairline.

Next, the surgeon lifts your forehead skin, cuts away extra tissue and fat, and tightens the muscles if needed. Your surgeon may place your eyebrows a bit higher for a younger look.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Reduces Recovery Time And Scarring

An endoscopic brow lift involves smaller incisions than a regular brow lift. There are just three incisions that measure only 1.5 cm. The hairline obscures these incisions, so the scars are invisible.

During the procedure, your surgeon will insert a scope to view the underlying tissue and muscle. This lets your surgeon quickly cut extra skin and tissue before stitching the incisions. This minimally invasive brow lift involves faster healing and minimal swell.

Temporal Brow Lift Is Another Option

This is a minimally invasive brow lift that your surgeon can do under local anesthesia. It’s a mini-version of the endoscopic brow lift described above. It can produce superior results with little downtime.

Brow Lift Is Fast

Whether you have a traditional or endoscopic brow lift, it’s not a lengthy surgery. Most plastic surgeons can perform a brow lift in about an hour. You can go home on the same day.

Some patients may decide to pair this surgery with others, such as a mommy makeoverliposuction, or tummy tuck.

Discomfort Is Minimal

Many people worry about the pain they will have after plastic surgery. The good news is the pain from a brow lift is minimal. You might experience some bruising and swelling, but less if your surgeon performed an endoscopic brow lift.

The swelling could make your brow skin feel tight at first. You can help this problem by resting with the head elevated, which will reduce swelling in a few days. Within a week or so, most bruising and swelling will fade.

General Anesthesia May Be Unnecessary

Surgeons and patients have their preferences about anesthesia. You can have general anesthesia, but it takes longer to wake up, and the risk of complications is higher.

The brow lift also can be performed with local anesthesia and a sedative. Some people prefer that option because it takes less time to recover.

Brow Lift Can Combine With Other Facial Procedures

The brow lift corrects the signs of aging on your forehead and brow, so some people want a facelift or eyebrow surgery to transform their entire face. Make sure you talk to your plastic surgeon about the possibility of pairing other surgeries with your brow lift.

Return To Normal Activities After About Two Weeks

After about a week, your surgeon will remove your stitches. You can resume light exercise and activities. After another week, you should be able to return to strenuous exercise.

Request A Brow Lift Consultation Today

Interested in a Las Vegas brow lift? Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Rachel Mason today! She will review the options with you about eyelid surgery, your goals and help determine if you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure.


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