Do I Need a Lift?

Do I Need a Breast Augmentation, or a Breast Lift? Or do I need Both?

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what will make our breasts look better. The usual complaint is that they are “saggy,” but how to fix this depends on your breasts.

Who Needs a Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation increases the volume of the breast, usually with a breast implant. This can be done to make a small breast larger, or to fill in extra skin. It is very common for weight loss, pregnancy, or gravity and time to leave breasts looking deflated. The upper part of the breast tends to suffer the most and can feel too flat or even sloped. A breast augmentation can fill out the extra skin, improve the shape, and restore volume to the upper part of the breast. If your nipple and breast tissue are in a good position, just a breast augmentation may be the right surgery for you.

Who Needs a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgery that removes the extra skin from the breast and moves the nipple up to its proper position. The nipple should sit above the fold under your breast. So, if you put a pencil in the fold, your nipple should sit above it. If not, you may need a breast lift. Sometimes the nipple itself is at the right position, but the breast tissue sags beneath the fold. This is another reason for a breast lift. If you have good fullness to your breast, you may need a breast lift alone.

Who Needs Both a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation?

Women who feel that their breasts are both deflated and hang below the level of the fold may need both a breast lift and breast augmentation. The breast lift will take away the extra skin and put the nipple in the right place, but it will not make your breast appear fuller. In particular, it will not make the upper part of your breast fuller or rounder. This is where the implant comes in: It restores the youthful round shape and fullness, particularly to the upper part of the breast.

Can a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation be Performed at the Same Time?

In most women, a breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed in the same procedure. The implant is placed first, and then the breast is lifted to the correct position over the implant. This is obviously preferred by most patients, when possible, to minimize the number of surgeries and recovery periods.

When are a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation Performed in Two Stages?

In some women who want a more significant change, the procedure can be done in two stages. This is generally for women who have a lot of extra sagging skin with a very low nipple, or one who wants a large implant. In either case, the results are not reliable when both procedures are done at the same time, so they are done in two stages. The first stage is generally the lift, followed by the breast augmentation after full healing from the first surgery.

To learn more about breast lifts, breast augmentation, and various other breast procedures, reach out to Dr. Mason today. She can answer questions and help you find the right procedure for your cosmetic goals.

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