Kelly D.

Surgeon Mason is a phenomenal person. I am so glad that I had the privilege to have a woman surgeon. She is simply amazing. Even though I had medicaid insurance, she treated me as if I had: tricare, aetna, or blue cross. The process took three months. At first I was leery about getting approved, because medicaid is complicated to deal with. However, I was approved and Surgeon Mason’s team made the process smooth for me. Everyone was very patient with me. Aliya and Mackenzie were very warm hearted! They both made my journey incredibly awesome. Mackenzie was quick with communication and answering all of my questions. She also handled switching me hospitals at the last minute in a timely manner because of my insurance issues. I highly appreciate all that she did days prior to my surgery. Everyone held my hand through out the whole process. I always looked forward to going to Surgeon Mason practice, because the aura and vibes were filled with positive energy. I always walked out laughing and feeling good about myself. Surgeon Mason spoke to me outside of her business hours when I went to the ER, when I was traveling out of state, and when I had questions or concerns about my breast bleeding. She was only a call away for any of my needs and I truly thank her kindly. I could not thank the whole team enough. Everyone was super nice to my mom too. I love my breast, and I have very little scars. I highly recommend anyone who wants a breast reduction with Surgeon Mason. She will not only make you feel amicable on the outside appearance, but Surgeon Mason and her team will make you feel brilliant on the inside as well. This whole experience has been remarkable. I love everyone on her team from the bottom of my heart.

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