Chelly L.

I have to admit I was a little nervous at first because until now I’ve never even considered plastic surgery because I always think of super fake looking boobs or butts. And thought that’s what you’ll get. Boy was I wrong! Dr. Mason really knows how to put you at ease. Plus she’s so nice! I asked the most silly questions (to me) she patiently answered each one and educated me on so much. I went in because I’m tired of wearing a bra and want a breast lift. No implants. Just a lift these babies up please! Dr. Mason examined me and then surprised by asking about my skin before going into detail about the benefits, risks and recovery. I’ve gone to other surgeons for consultations (all men) and there’s something so comfortable about taking to a woman about this instead. I’m not unhappy with my breast I just want them up enough to not need a bra. She got it! Like really got. No guy would get it like that. Ever! Anyhoo. I walked out feeling confident that she was the surgeon for me! We’re booked. Totally recommend Dr. Mason. Plus the office is so nice and sleek. And Aliyah, her medical assistant is great! Personable, attentive and sharp. Great service all around.

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